Main focus

campaigns around the world


With our agency, we focus mainly on international campaigns that require complex logistics. Our creative department has been providing the world's most innovative ideas in the industry for years. Here we support our clients from the conceptual design to the content development and marketing of the final product. We combine projects and campaigns with social media marketing and event marketing aspects to achieve the greatest possible advertising impact. Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in tourism marketing and especially support our hotel partners with all-inclusive content hub solutions.


Sascha Gottschalk

Your contact for agency / international productions


Destination marketing

Complex superlative projects


We make the world the playground of our campaigns! Whether it's for marketing purposes for the destination itself or using the exotic panoramas of this world to give companies and brands from the industry the right setting. FMD has a large network in the most remote parts of this world and we are able to realize an adventurous and professional production in all places of this world in a short time. 
We create your campaign from the beginning to the end, from the idea to the final result and hand it over as an "all-in-one" complete package.



Comprehensive Content Hub Solutions


Through our destination marketing we have connected with many hotels and resorts. Since 2016, we have been working for luxury hotels on all continents and have been able to specialize at a significant level. In this segment, we combine our agile production approach and link it with a content hub solution to provide our hotel partners with enough content throughout the year. Do you need a new website, photos, videos or even a complete 360-degree scan of your property? Feel free to contact us. 

Future Vision

Content development for the Metaverse


The digital revolution continues to come to a head in the field of virtual reality. Virtual spaces and immersive experiences in the fields of industry, education, events and entertainment are contesting the future of digitalization. Meta (formerly Facebook) is driving this evolution with the biggest brands of our time. We offer VR solutions at the cutting edge.

With FUTURE VISION we want to prepare our customers for the new internet age (Web 3.0) with interactive and immersive content.

Social Media Marketing

Recognition through influencers and PR content


Hardly any production functions today without the right influencer and PR marketing. Sit back, we take care of everything:

Happy to create our own concepts, organize and plan the tours, put together the teams of experts, cast the right influencers if desired, develop the content and finally design the social media strategy to generate attention. With a final evaluation, no one can fool you anymore!



FMD Worldwide

We have worked in over 30 destinations, managed more than 72 projects overseas, and have flown more than 1180 times. We believe that there is no other agency anywhere in Europe with the efficiency and experience to pull off a content campaign in Africa or Asia better than us! And if the references here aren’t enough for you, we’ll be happy to prove it!

Marc Bächtold

Your Contact for the Hospitality Sector / Content Hub

Wondering what we can do for you?

Everything! And even then we are happy to add on! Convince yourself.