Professional FPV productions

Flying FPV feels as if you were sitting inside the drone.

In the field of FPV videos and as a professional production company, we have the highest demands on quality. This can be seen in the expertise of our licensed pilots, who with years of experience and with their technical know-how are among the world's leading professionals that produce and assemble their own equipment. In addition, we use the latest technology in the field and build our own high-performance aircraft, which are qualified for various applications. As one of the few suppliers worldwide, we use advanced camera technology that goes beyond the use of mini and action cameras to deliver high-quality footage.

Our FPV experts

Not everyone can fly an FPV drone.


Unlike the use of conventional film drones, it takes a lot of experience, training, and technical knowledge to become an FPV pilot. In addition, FMD has high demands not only on the flight skills of the pilots but especially on their experience as cameramen. Our pilots are not only certified to be allowed to control the aircraft but they also build them themselves and are first and foremost filmmakers with an understanding for professional camera work.


Our services

New dimensions in aerial photography.


As a professional service provider, we offer our customers everything that is necessary to successfully run an FPV drone shoot. Our trained and licensed pilots are informed about all current laws and guidelines at home and abroad. Through our studios the recordings are processed, optimized (stabilization, color grading), and published in the desired formats. The integration of a corporate design, music licensing, sound design, and also more complex post-production work complete our services.


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