Focus of productions

Individual content for unique destinations


FMD started out by producing high-quality content, but since 2016 we have mostly been making waves by combining our projects and campaigns with aspects of social media marketing and event marketing. Today, our services cover all types of content production, from simple videos to complex media campaigns and even TV documentaries and arthouse films. We love turning these productions into full campaigns which are like no other.

Destination marketing

Abroad productions


With our productions, the world is our playground! It doesn’t matter whether we’re marketing the destination itself or using the most exotic places in the world as the perfect backdrop for companies and brands in the industry. FMD has a large network in the most remote corners of the world, and we can pull off an adventurous and professional production anywhere in the world at short notice. Have a look at the range of projects we have done on the map – impressive, eh?



A full range of services: from the concept through to the implementation


We prepare your campaigns from start to finish, and present it to you as a complete package with a ribbon on top! We also love creating our very own concept, structuring and organising the tour, putting the team together, casting the right influencers where necessary, developing the content and social media marketing strategy, carrying out the tour, producing the output, generating attention for it on social media and evaluating the project at the end.

Image film, event spots and commercial campaigns

Productions / Advertisements


If it doesn’t need to be a desert, high mountains or dense jungle, then we also make high-quality advertising videos in a conventional studio setting. We make sure that your job is produced to the highest professional standard, whether it’s using our own concept or working to a script. Our team is made up of cameramen and women, make-up artists and light technicians, as well as actors and narrators working in the perfect studio. The post-production work for both images and sound is done in our own studios.



Comprehensive services


Pre-production: Idea, concept, strategy

Production and post-production: Filming, shooting, cutting, motion design, 2D and 3D animations, colour grading, pool of narrators, voice recording, setting to music, audio mixing for cinema, TV and social media, sound design, music production, film music, print/design, drawing and editing for all formats.

Professional content production

PR content and social media marketing


Since 2015, we have had a lot of fun producing documentaries with spectacular footage from the most exotic and challenging parts of the world. We integrate this format into almost all our campaigns abroad, and give our viewers an exciting insight into what happens behind the scenes when filming. Each destination provides a unique backdrop. These high-quality films are very well suited for TV, but also work well as an interesting online format, with plenty of opportunities to integrate our partners. Be entertained by some of our most exciting documentaries, and at the same time get a feel for the work we do.



Spectacular-looking productions


Thanks to our experience filming abroad and our network of people across several countries around the world, we have a large pool of ideas and topics for documentaries. We are also very happy to put together your own ideas for making a documentary abroad. We create the script, the filming plan, prepare for the trip around the country, organise the resources needed as well as the film crew and the experts, produce the material on site and then process it in our studios afterwards to create a spectacular-looking final product.

Our creative studios near Wiesbaden

FMD Studios


Here you will find all the work areas of an advertising production, from editing suites and photo studios to sound and music studios. With professional equipment and many years of experience for TV stations, advertising and social media agencies, productions for our customers are handled here. If you want to have a look behind the scenes of your projects or have a creative meeting in our conference rooms, we are happy to make an appointment with you.





Professional First Person View (FPV) videos


The revolution in visual expression brings unprecedented perspectives and epic shots of landscapes, buildings and monuments, action sports, and more. For more than 4 years, aerial photography has changed the way content is produced in all types of fields. Now we are entering a completely new and spectacular dimension of this cinematographic evolutionary process. FMD brings FPV to you! We have certified pilots, a network of experts, and we are specialized in high-quality content production.



FMD Worldwide

We have worked in over 30 destinations, managed more than 72 projects overseas, and have flown more than 1180 times. We believe that there is no other agency anywhere in Europe with the efficiency and experience to pull off a content campaign in Africa or Asia better than us! And if the references here aren’t enough for you, we’ll be happy to prove it!

Are you asking yourself what we can do for you?

Everything! And even then we’re happy to add a bit extra on top! Convince yourself.