100 hours for 100 Seconds


In mid-2018 Etihad Airways came to us and wanted a content strategy for at least 10 modern image videos in the destination Abu Dhabi. We designed a concept for a competition of superlatives and in the end the biggest video competition of the world came out.

Marketing goals

20 filmmakers. 4 partner. 1 destination.


The goals were clear: the air giant Etihad Airways wanted to draw attention to the transit airport in the Emirates, the Tourism Board of Abu Dhabi wanted to present the destination with spectacular pictures and Mercedes Benz played a worthy role. The spectacle was an optimal combination of content, social media and event marketing based on the FMD philosophy.


Reached goals

Social media content for years


Not only 10, but 20 extraordinary destination videos from Abu Dhabi were created with reference to Etihad Airways and Mercedes Benz and thus first-class social media content for years. There was a lot of attention on social media and the press about accompanying influencers and interest in the largest video competition in the world. The award show afterwards was the icing on the cake as the highlight of the project, as well as the documentary film for the event that subsequently appeared.

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