100 hours in 100 seconds


At the beginning of 2020, our partner Usedom Tourismus GmbH approached us and wanted a content strategy for at least 10 modern image videos for the destination Usedom. We designed a concept for a superlative competition and in the end, not only were all the desired numbers achieved but even surpassed by a multiple

Marketing Goals

10 filmmakers. 4 partners. 1 destination.


In 2020, the goals were once again clear: while complying with all protection and hygiene regulations, Usedom Tourismus GmbH wanted to draw attention to the tourist highlights of its sunny island with the help of spectacular images and videos. In addition to marketing the products of local partners, the camera manufacturer SONY also profited from the resulting footage from their new video camera, which was launched on the market at the time. The spectacle again formed an optimal combination of content, social media and event marketing according to FMD's philosophy.


Achieved goals

Content for social media in the long term


The result was a whopping 10 outstanding destination videos of Usedom with reference to travel destinations, the partner hotels and partner regions and therefore first-class social media content for years to come. There was a lot of attention in the social media and the press via the accompanying influencers and the interest in the biggest video competition in the world. The award show was the highlight of the project, as well as the documentary film about the event that was released afterward.

Gold for Usedom and FMD

Best Tourism Marketing 2020


For the campaign Sunspot Award we were awarded with the Marketing Award 2021 "Lighthouses of the tourism industry".


Winners video
Marketing Award 2021
Second Place
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